Campaign Services


Winner & Mandabach is a full-service ballot measure campaign management firm.

Services provided by the firm include: pre-campaign assessments; campaign plan development; opinion research design and analysis; television, radio and digital advertising production, testing and placement; the oversight of direct mail design and distribution; and the management of all campaign elements such as earned media, social media, third-party outreach and field activities.

Strategic Assessment & Planning

Initial Campaign Assessments

Winner & Mandabach uses a methodical process for assessing the feasibility of a potential or existing ballot measure campaign and determining the strategic options available for victory. These in-depth assessments allow a client to make an informed decision before committing the funds for an election campaign and provide a strong foundation to increase the chances of success.

Measure Design

The firm provides in-depth guidance on designing ballot measures that will achieve the clients’ objectives and have the maximum potential to be approved by voters. This close involvement in designing ballot measures has been a major factor in the firm’s unparalleled success at winning “YES” campaigns.

Campaign Planning

W&M employs a rigorous process for developing campaign plans, budgets, and timetables addressing all aspects of ballot measure campaigns, including framing and message strategies, paid communications, earned media, digital/social media and grassroots activities.

Paid Media

Advertising Production and Placement

The firm provides conceptualization, scripting and production of television and radio advertising for ballot measure campaigns. Using sophisticated databases, W&M also oversees the placement of television, radio and digital advertising—carefully designing the media mix and targeting that will be most effective for each campaign. The firm has produced, tested and placed more than 2,000 television, radio and digital advertisements and mail pieces for ballot measure campaigns.

Direct Mail and Phone

Mail is often part of the overall media mix to deliver credible, targeted messaging. W&M oversees the formulation and execution of multi-faceted direct mail programs, including the use of refined microtargeting. The firm also uses phone contact for voter identification, persuasion and GOTV.

Digital and Social Media

The firm oversees the design and implementation of an array of online campaign tools, including campaign websites, social media, targeted email programs and digital advertising. These tools are used to educate and persuade voters and thought leaders, recruit grassroots coalitions and mobilize supporters.

Public Opinion Research


One of the keys to W&M’s over 90% success rate is its “hands-on” approach to opinion research, and the firm has developed specialized approaches to opinion research that reflect the unique dynamics of ballot measure campaigns. W&M works closely with leading independent opinion research firms to design and interpret all survey research, including in-depth telephone and online strategic surveys and tracking polls.

Focus Groups

The firm brings a unique expertise to the design and interpretation of focus groups related to ballot measures. In the firm’s methodology, focus groups are used to complement quantitative polling research by providing insights into the underlying voter attitudes surrounding an issue.

Paid Media Testing

W&M uses state-of-the-art techniques to evaluate the effectiveness of ads and direct mail before they are utilized in a campaign. The firm pioneered in-person dial testing for ballot measures and has worked with leading opinion research firms in developing methodologies for using the internet to pre-test campaign advertising.

Campaign Management


W&M provides campaign management services for ballot measure campaigns, ranging from overall management of all campaign staff and activities to a media and strategic consulting role. The firm’s approach involves working collaboratively with clients and campaign staff from the state or locality in question to combine the firm’s unique ballot measure experience with local knowledge and relationships.

Earned Media, Grassroots and Fundraising Activities

The firm develops strategies and plans for earned media, third-party recruitment, field and fundraising activities for ballot measure campaigns and provides management oversight in those areas. W&M applies its unique knowledge of ballot measure dynamics to tailor the right earned media and grassroots strategies for each individual campaign. The firm also oversees signature gathering for initiative campaigns, including volunteer signature gathering efforts and professional signature gathering programs.